Our aim is to help progressive development of all the entities associated with a school, i.e. School Administrator, School Teacher, Parents, Students, by simplifying technology and bringing all the things you need right into your pocket.

We have put together a technology in place with a help of an application that goes far ahead and covers not only the safety of a student, but also helps create a next generation school. With active live feeds of attendance and progress, our application will share the responsibility of parent’s concern, hard work of a student, the knowledge of a teacher and responsibility of the school management. Our team is working with various institutes to tailor-made solutions that work best for each individual school, colleges and universities.

Parents are constantly in touch with their child’s performance, teachers benefit through reduced work pressure; students get access to entire syllabus online, higher management can track and control the internal working of schools; all of this is now possible with our application.

MilGrasp is the revolutionary feature made to connect all the people associated with School. Parents, Teachers and Students can be now connected on a single platform with the help of MilGrasp. Queries, Problems can be very easily solved anywhere at any given point of time. Parents work, their problems, Queries can be solved without physically being present in the school.

MilGrasp also ensures each and every task is carried out efficiently without any glitches with the help of its modules. MilGrasp presents altogether sixty modules which will help in efficient school management functioning. The transfer of data is now become easy with one of the features of MilGrasp. MilGrasp is available on all the three platforms i.e Web, Android and iOS.


We are fascinated to make an extraordinary application for our believers.
Our compatibility with following platforms presents a freeway access to the product.

  • Web

    We have signed up with the talented web developers in our firm. Our skilfull web developers dedicate a quality time to learn the new techniques and also perform sufficient research on ways to attract our clients.

  • Android

    Our Tailor-made product is also compatible on Android platform. The product developed by us can be easily accessed by the user through their Smartphones or Tablets at any given point of time.

  • iOS

    The IOS platform gives the extraordinary user interface to the clients while exploring through the product. The product developed by us works efficiently and smoothly with any glitch on the IOS platform.

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